O (Omicron) – a permanent videomapping installation directed by artists Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié from the AntiVJ group.

The interior of the Centennial Hall, namely the space under its monumental dome, the biggest in the word at the moment it was created in 1913, today becomes the scenery for a spectacular video art show utilizing light and sound to tell the story of architecture and time. The installation creates a three-dimensional illusion of movement, crumbling and deformation of the Centennial Hall’s interior, emphasizing the raw aesthetics of modernist construction. The show is synchronized with original electronic music. The soundtrack composed for the Centennial Hall and dedicated to its concrete dome is a musical attempt at  presenting timelessness of architectural creations of the XX century. Inspiration for the music composed by Thomas Vaquié came from the orchestral composition echoing in the colossal structure of the Hall, as well as from an electronic texture bringing up the idea of unstoppable time. Thanks to such a connection the interior of the Centennial Hall became the background for the very story of its creation.


Dear Sirs,
Due to the necessary maintenance of technical equipment and installations, videomapping shows are suspended until further notice.