The Centennial Hall’s accessibility for sightseeing

The Centennial Hall is one of the city’s landmarks and the only monument in Wrocław inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It embodies the idea of it’s creator, Max Berg, who saw it as a “cathedral of democcracy”, where people would gather to participate in various cultural events. The Centennial Hall has served this purpose for over 100 years. Because of numerous events taking place under the monumental dome of the Centennial Hall througout the year, we cannot always invite you inside for the sightseeing of the Hall’s interior.

For the sake of your convenience we aim at providing the most current information regarding the Hall’s interior accessibility. Below you will find a list of days during the on-going month, when the sightseeing will be limited. On days not included on this list, the Hall is fully accessible. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mial ( or phone (+48 71 347 50 47).

Regardless of the Hall’s interior accesibility you are always welcome to visit the Discovery Center’s interactive exhibition about the Hall’s history and modernist architecture of Wroclaw.

Dear visitors,
from the 1.1.2019, due to renovation works in the Centennial Hall, the visiting will not be possible.. We are sorry for the inconvenience.