Constructional-arts event “Rise the city of your dreams!” [4th of July]

Max Berg’s Days of Architecture will reach climax on the 4th of June during an exceptional event under the monumental dome of the Centennial Hall. On a gigantic map of over 2000 m2 together we will rise a city – one where we would like to live, which would satisfy our needs, be eye-friendly with its greenery and architecture, where order and cooperation between neighbors would prevail.

„Rise the city of our dreams!” is an open event, an all day long game based on a scenario. Every participant will get a map of the city divided into districts in a way envisioned by Max Berg. Next participants will draw a specific parcel, where they will rise a building of their own scheme – but not before it will get an approval from the Design Academy, which will be run by the students of the Faculty of Architecture of Wroclaw University of Technology. The participants will than collect building materials from the Municipal Building Materials Warehouse, which will provide cardboard, paints and other art supplies.

„Rise the city of our dreams!” involves not only shared fun at playing architects and constructors, but also numerous supporting events: mini-lectures by architects and developers, screenings of documentaries about Wroclaw, a location based urban game “Recipe for the city” and a live music concert by the Polish band Small Instruments.

We invite you to have a joint, creative fun and cooperation on the 4th of June in the Centennial Hall!


Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.