Max Berg’s Days of Architecture

Join the Discovery Center of the Centennial Hall to celebrate Max Berg’s Days of Architecture! From April until June we have planned many events fulfilling Max Berg’s idea, that the Centennial Hall should become a „cathedral of democracy”, under the dome of which people would participate in various cultural events.

Max Berg’s Days of Architecture consist of a number of events: workshops for youth and seniors as part of Max Berg’s Architecture Lab, a location-based urban game “Recipe for the city”, grand constructional event under the monumental dome of the Centennial Hall – “Rise the city of your dreams!”, guided tours following the traces of Wroclaw’s modernist architecture and educational contests for schools.

We invite youth, students, families with children and seniors not just from Wroclaw to have a mutual fun while building the city of our dreams. It will also be an opportunity to broaden the knowledge of architecture, city planning, Max Berg’s work and the UNESCO cultural heritage.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.