About the Center


This unique educational space presents visitors with the history of the Centennial Hall, genesis of its origin and historical transformations, at the same time introducing them to the world of architectural projects of tomorrow.
Touch screens and maps, models of the facilities, more than 600 photographs and various visualizations, interactive games and displays for visitors at different ages are presented in the interiors which are stylishly decorated and equipped with the top quality audiovisual equipment.
Presenting the facility of UNESCO class, i.e. the Centennial Hall and the adjacent picturesque Exhibition Grounds, is an objective of the Discovery Center. It has also been assumed that the exhibition will provide space friendly to new educational models which are focused on creative and independent thinking as well as careful observations of the immediate environment.
The Discovery Center is a place that should not be perceived as a permanent exhibition which only presents fragments of the history of Wrocław in an attractive and interactive manner. This is also a place that may be creatively used in various educational projects dedicated to history and architecture, as well as to support interdisciplinary thinking about our continuously changing every-day environment.
The exhibition is supported by the Gallery and a system of screens displayed in the Foyer of the Centennial Hall, which surrounds the main deck of the Hall. The journey is crowned with an exceptional light and sound show performed with an aid of the videomapping technology. The show entitled “O(Omicron)” is projected under the Dome which is a special feature of this facility in the European scale.
The concept of the Center assumes that it is adapted to meet the needs of disabled people, blind people in particular, who may use Braille readers and audioguides.